Monday, November 18, 2019

Compare internship chosen with own professional goals Personal Statement

Compare internship chosen with own professional goals - Personal Statement Example I expect that this period will be a great learning experience for me, and will lay the foundation for the future that I see for myself as finance professional. I think that finance is the core sector of any business, because how finances are managed will be the key to whether a business makes a profit and prospers, or makes losses and dwindles. To begin with I shall need to learn the basics of how to use accounting tools, balance budgets and make accurate forecasts, taking into account future trends in markets and economies. The management of variances in actual and budgeted expenses and revenues, will be a challenge that I shall look forward to. I would like to gain an in depth understanding of how budgeting is done for various products, as well as how strategic goals are shaped and executed, and growth is driven through disciplined and efficient operations. Above all, I shall look forward to learning how processes and policies are put in place in order to drive growth, and improve the financial health of the company. In today’s world of global competition, I shall be particularly interested in learning how finance wizards work with fluctuating currencies, and the techniques they use to manage risks. The meeting and interaction with eminent Chief Financial Officers of various companies will be the icing on the cake. The seminars that I expect to attend as part of my internship will also help me hone my problem solving and communication skills. Interactions with people from varied walks of life, will give me insights into different ways of analyzing and addressing problems, and give me the confidence to put forward my own views and ideas. I hope also that meeting people will enhance my interactive and people skills. All in all I am expecting that this period of internship will be a big step forward for me in the direction of my ultimate goal. On my part I shall

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